Not long to go…

It is less than a week till the 14th starts.

A month long audio challenge. Very simple to take part. Record an audio a day. Send the link to the social platform that you are using along with the hashtag.

We will be searching for the hashtag on Mastodon, Threads, BlueSky and Twitter (never calling it X). We have an account on all four of those networks.

Good luck if you are taking part. is simply a way of trying to connect people around the world.

What is AudioMo

is a month long audio challenge that takes part in June.

All you do is record an audio a day, the post the link to either Twitter or Mastodon along with the hashtag Yes it’s really that simple.

2024 will be our 14th year of the challenge. It has primarily been on Twitter (sorry never going to call it X). Last year though we also ran it on Mastodon and was surprised how well it went.

Our new Mastodon home is on the Vivaldi Mastodon server.